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In this blog post, I’m going to talk to you all about cream contour and what areas to apply your cream bronzers! I’m sure by now you already know how to apply the powder bronzer/contour shades and you’re looking at being even more defined and stepping up your game with cream contours.

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I love to cream highlight and contour, it makes your face look even more define and more glamours. When I first started doing cream contouring I didn’t really see the fuss in it, I thought to myself and said what’s the point in doing cream contouring if you are just going to set it with a bronzer on the top? it’s just going to disappear. Well, I was wrong, after watching many tutorials on youtube and Instagram I’ve realised I was doing it wrong all this time. I was using the wrong products and the wrong technique when applying all the cream products.

Products I use: 

1.  Chanel cream bronzer 

2. Tarte shape tape

 I find applying your cream products on freshly applied foundation base is the best way to go. I wait a minute or so for my foundation to get tacky then I will apply in the areas where I would apply my bronzer. Forget about setting your whole face with translucent powder, because I find that won’t show your cream contour off.

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Once you have waited for your foundation to dry make sure when you start contouring with your cream products you focus on one area at a time, sometimes some cream products dry fast which will make it harder for you to blend out.  

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I spend a good 10 minutes blending everything out with a beauty blender, you don’t want to be walking around with your cream contour not blended out because of that’s not a good look. Once you have blended it all out I usually wait for it to try before I bake and use my powder bronzer to set my cream bronzer.

After waiting for everything to dry you can start setting your cream contour with your powder bronzers.

Mac give me the sun 
Too face chocolate Soleil bronzer

I always say whenever you use any type of cream product ALWAYS set it with a powder product because other wise all your hard work will just fade during the day and won’t stay in the place where you first applied it.

Above are the powder products I like to use whenever I set my cream contour. Once I finish setting my cream contour I like to also set my highlight under my under eyes which I use tarte shape tape to highlight the areas I need to highlight and then after I like to set it with a powder shade.

Kat von d shade in light 
Tart shape tape 

Once I have set my whole face with all the powders that need to be there I like to then bake my face, but I don’t like to bake everywhere because I already set my under eyes with the kat von d shade in the light. I only bake under my contour ( jaw line) and down the side of my nose, because those areas tend to look pretty messy even when you have been blending for so long! once you have baked those two spots wipe everything off and your contour will look all nice and sharp.

I hope you like this post, and please let me know what you would like to me cover next. I’m thinking about creating a post all about baking! 

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