Marc Jacobs doesn’t just do fashion: Beauty must haves

I’ve always been a lover of Marc Jacobs ever since stealing my mum’s fragrance from his daisy range at a very young age. When I found out that Marc Jacobs does cosmetics as well as fragrance straight away I knew I needed to add his makeup products to my daily routine. I find Marc Jacobs is one of the very few cosmetics brands that keeps on impressing me with every single product they launch.

Anytime I wear Marc Jacobs I always get compliments with every product I wear from his range. All of the products that I have tried are incredible and apply to your skin perfectly and always leave a nice finish glow to your skin.

O!mega Bronzer Perfect Tantric: One of my favourite bronzers I have in my whole collection. This Marc Jacobs bronzer is the perfect shade for all skin tone (in my opinion) and is the perfect formula as I find this bronzer blends perfectly and doesn’t leave any harsh lines.

Air Blush ‘ Fresh & Fantasy: I’ve always been a huge fan of Nars blushes and never really branched out to different brands until I’ve seen how raved about this blush and colour is on youtube. Whenever I want to achieve the glowy/dewy finish I always reach for this blush.
O!mega Glazed all over Foil: Ahhh, I’m obsessed with this highlighter, it’s amazing and the colour is perfect for any skin tone. I do feel that you have to be careful with how much you apply on your skin because you can tell you are wearing a highlighter but if you go in with your beauty blender it looks perfect.
Dew You Drops: I’ve only just started using a liquid highlighter and this has quickly become one of my favourite products to create the perfect glow. This is also another product that can be used for muilty use. I also love using his dew you drop as a primer mixed with the strobe cream for a really heavy glow.
Remarkable foundation: I use to love love love this foundation. I used this foundation for two years straight and I wouldn’t use anything else. I can’t remember the reason why I stopped using it but now I don’t really use it as often because I prefer a different formula and I find that this foundation is really matte, but it’s perfect if you want a really really full coverage finish.

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