Is Drunk Elephant worth the splurge?

Drunk Elephant is one of those brands that manages to tick a lot of boxes. It’s a brand that has simple but yet effective Instagramable packaging, Amazing formulas, free from essential oils, drying alcohols,  silicones and basically everything you ever want in a skincare product.

With a brand that has a lot of Social Media hype around their products can also have a lot of people unsure of whether the range really lives up to the expectations. While there is a lot of reviews that you can search up, it’s still really hard to decide if it’s really worth the money.

But, Drunk Elephant has you covered with this range of littles for an affordable price of $120 you can really sample each product before deciding whether or not you really should buy the full-size or if you are travelling any time soon but don’t have enough room for the full-sized the littles would also be a great addition to add to your collection whenever you are on the go.

The Littles collection has 6 sample size of each product which includes:

30ml Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

8ml C-Firma™ Day Serum

8ml B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum

8ml T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum

8ml Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

15ml Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream

15ml Umbra Sheer™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30

5ml Shaba Complex™ Eye Serum

and Travel Bag

After testing out each product over the last couple of days, I can happily tell you that a couple of their products have been added to my daily routine. I’m obsessed, usually, with when you start having a new skincare routine you don’t really notice a difference until a couple of weeks of heavy using, but after a day of switching up my routine and including the drunk elephant products I notice a dramatic change within the first 24 hours.

Another thing that had me really impressed with their range is that whenever I apply new products to my skin, I usually get little red dots popping up only because my skin isn’t use to them, but after the first time using Drunk Elephant my skin wasn’t irritated at all.

I can see why their brand has so much hype around each product. With amazing results after the first 24 hours and even better results by the end of the first week. I wish every skincare brand would bring out sample-sized products because I mean you got to test before you buy it right?

If you’re still unsure of whether or not to purchase their products because of how much they cost, I highly recommend trying out the littles, even though they are sample-sized you still get quite a fair amount of product out, and they last quite some time.


Have you tried any of their products before? and if you have which ones do you, love? Would love to hear what you think of their range.

Love Always,


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