How to get rid of Hereditary eye bags (without filler)

Bags are a girl’s best friend, but under-eye bags? scratch that, these are the one type of bag that no one wants in their collection. Just like every girl, we all have our own insecurities about our bodies.

Over the years I’ve tried so many remedies to find anything to get them to go away but nothing worked. It was only recently that I decided to really heavy research on what you can do before going to the extream (filler/surgery). It came up with all your typical answers, that would never really work like, colour corrector, baking your powder, ice cubes etc.

Change of diet: 

This was something that I was really lacking in and knew I had to change not just to remove my under eye bags but to make sure I don’t gain any weight. I’ve always been told that your diet can really affect your skin and everything else, so I started to do some research on this and you guessed it there right.

I immediately changed my diet straight away and can already see a huge difference within the first week. I use to eat a lot of bad food and now I only allow myself to eat that on the weekends only and stick to eating soup/liquid foods during the week.

Eye Cream / A good skincare routine: 

I’ve always wanted to add an eye cream to my routine but could never find a good one until I found the Mario Badescu. I applied my eye creams twice a day and having a good skincare routine I find also helps to reduce the puffiness.


A brightening clay mask:

You all know how much I love my clay face mask and how they have changed my skin but most importantly my under-eye bags. I usually like to reach for masks that are a brightening mask and really heavily apply under my eyes to make sure that area gets brighten. I usually apply a face mask once or twice a week to really make sure my skin is looking it’s best it can.


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