Maison De Sabre’ Business Card Case

Finding a nice cardholder can be a difficult task, and even harder picking the perfect colour and adding your own little touch to it. We’ve all heard of Maison De Sabre’ whether we have seen them on Instagram or know someone that owns one of their beautiful cases and if you haven’t what rock have you been living under?

If you are one of the few that haven’t heard of Maison De Sabre’ let me give you a little run down. Maison De Sabre’ is a luxury leather brands that sell iPhone cases, wallets, business card holders and pouches. Every item they sell you can have the option too add your own little touch or leave it bare, but I mean who wants to have it bare when you can stand out?

I personally didn’t think I would be a fan of a personalised business card case, but after receiving this in the mail, I was immediately in love. Being able to add my own touch is perfect because I don’t know if you know this but I’m someone that likes the minimalistic style and I love how Maison De Sabre’ gives you the option if you want one letter or more.

The size of their business card holders are perfect too, they fit perfectly in my hand and also fit everything that typically goes in a wallet. For me personally, I hate having a big bulky wallet because I always find them so hard to carry but with Maison De Sabre’ they are so small and slim which makes it super lightweight and easy to hold.

Another thing I love about their new business card case range is how affordable they are, compared to other companies. Maison De Sabre’ business card cases currently sell for $109.95, which isn’t too bad considering how good the quality is. They also have an amazing colour range to choose from and they even have a couple of bold colours if you want to stand out and be different.

Overall, I think their business card cases are beautiful. If you someone that’s always either difficult to buy for this would be a perfect idea to add to your list, or even give to someone else. I just love everything about this brand, from their packaging to their customer service, to their actual products and the wonderful range of colours you can pick from.

Love Always,



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