Everything you need to know about Face Rollers: Do you need them in your routine and are they worth the money?

Has there ever been a product that you’ve been eyeing off for so long but never gotten around to purchasing it? Or was there a time where you’ve purchased something because you’ve seen that product all over the gram? Face Rollers is currently the hot skincare trend that everyone has been hyping on about for the last 18 months, and if you haven’t added them into your routine what the hell are you doing?

Face Rollers are a game-changer, I’ve tried and tested mine out for the last 5 days and let me tell you something my skin is constantly glowing and looking super hydrated. I always keep mine in the fridge because of the cold temp is perfect for swelling, bloating, or morning puffiness.

So, now you know what they are used for but you don’t know how to use it? Don’t worry when I first started researching I was super confused too.

How to use the rollers: I always leave mine in the fridge or freezer to get the best results. Once I finish applying all my skincare routine, I then go in with the roller and start massaging the products into the skin. It’s always best to use the roller on your face when you have products on rather than a bare face because it really allows you to get your products working and keeps your skin lubricated.

Do you need them in your routine? I personally believe every routine should have a face roller, even if you have only a couple of skincare products. You won’t have a lot of puffiness left, no redness or swelling in the morning and don’t forget it’s super relaxing to wake up and roll your face.

Your still unsure whether or not to get one? here’s 7 reasons why you should:

  • It improves your blood flow and increases collagen production and elasticity
  • It relieves your facial muscles and makes your beauty products work better
  • It detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • It prevents fluid retention and decreases puffiness under the eyes (what I bought it for)
  • It allows your skin to rest and to regenerate
  • It shrinks your pores
  • It makes you feel good

My review: Honestly, I can’t recommend them enough. They do so much and at the same time they make you feel good and your skin looks even better. Why wouldn’t you want one in your routine? I wish I bought mine even earlier instead of borking at it every time I added it to my cart.


Would you purchase one now after reading my review?


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