My skincare Routine with Nourish London

Hi, friends Welcome back to my blog with ANOTHER skincare post. 

lately, I’m obsessed with making sure my skin is looking fab and the best it can be, I’m constantly trying out new products to add into my routine. Recently the lovely PR ladies at Nourish London reached out to me to see if I wanted to try some of their products from the range, and of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

As soon as I received the email, I knew I had to review the range for all of you guys. So let’s talk about my skin and what type I have.

My Skin type 

If you are reading this blog post (thank you) I’m sure you are aware that we all have different skin types. For myself, I have pretty normal skin with the occasional dry skin when transitioning into a new season. Every now and then I get breakouts and the odd pimples but nothing drastic, which I’m pretty lucky.


STEP ONE | Nourish London Cleanser  

First thing, I love to do in the mornings or in the evenings is to cleanse my face using Nourish London cleanser to make sure there’s nothing left on my skin and no makeup in my pores. I’ve tried so many different cleansers and honestly, I can tell that  Nourish London cleanser is going to be my fave. I love cleansers that bubble up when I’m washing my face because I always feel that they’re going to get everything off my face and make my skin super soft.

STEP TWO | Nourish London Serum

After cleansing and exfoliating my skin (I use Ole Henriksen walnut scrub) I always go in with a serum to make sure my skin looks a little glowy so my skin is moisturized and hydrated throughout the skincare progress and which always makes me look more awake in the mornings.

STEP THREE | Nourish London Moisturiser 

I’m still unsure about this moisturiser, I think it’s because I’m not used to the formula, but with this moisturiser, a little goes a long way. I always make sure I moisturise towards the end to make sure none of the previous products dries out my skin or strips my skin away.

STEP FOUR | Nourish London Illuminating Face Shimmer

My final step before putting on any makeup is an illuminator. I love any products that have a glow or a dewy finish to them because I’m all about that Summer glowy finish all year round, so I’m always on the hunt for a new illuminator to mix into my foundation.

Do you have a favourite skincare brand or a skincare routine?


Love Always,


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